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About Me
I grew up with two older brothers who provided me with constant physical activity as a kid. I had played sports my whole life but In high school I took a fitness course instead of the typical gym class and was quickly surprised to see that almost every other kid in the class was stronger than I was. I was almost 6'1" but weighed under 140 pounds, I was skinny with a long road ahead of me.

That summer I enrolled in a local gym that some of my friends were a part of. I ended up getting a program from a friend's baseball coach and tried some of the workouts on my own. I quickly gathered enough information from around the gym and reading articles to slowly give me some noticeable results. Once I saw a change in my body for the first time I was hooked, my passion for training and healthy living grew.

I started training with my older brother. He was a great athlete at 6'4" and over 200 pounds so trying to keep up with him was exactly what I needed. By the time I headed into University I had packed on 20 pounds of muscle. In school I continued my passion for healthy living with an Honors degree in Kinesiology & Health Science from York University. Learning about exercise physiology and the bio-mechanics of the human body added another element to my training, allowing me to take my results even further.

I soon got into competitive bodybuilding after seeing some guys around the gym had entered shows and done well. I figured I was going to keep working out anyway, I should give it a shot. I did my first show at 20 years old and placed 3rd out of 14 competitors. I did two more shows the following year and qualified for the National Championships and appeared on the cover of Inside Fitness magazine at just 21. I put together my own training programs and diets and realized I found it easy to manipulate my body with all the knowledge I had learned over the years. I started helping others undergo body transformations or even contest preparation and this experience confirmed that I was naturally attracted to helping others achieve their unique fitness goals.

In addition to one-on-one training, I provide each of my clients with nutritional guidance, motivational and time management skills, tips and suggestions to get the most benefit from each workout, as well as inspiration before, during and after each session. Everything we do is tailored to each individual’s specific fitness goals, needs and desires.

Let me help you live the life you've always wanted, full of confidence and without limitations. I'm always eager to meet with new people to help them on their fitness journey no matter if they are just starting out or have been training for years. My greatest wish is to help you achieve your best body ever, along with optimum health, happiness and increased longevity. 
- Graduated from York University with a B.A. Honors degree in Kinesiology & Health Science from the faculty of health

- Appeared on the cover of Inside Fitness Magazine Sept 2008 issue

- 1st Place 2009 UFE Halloween Mayhem Heavyweight Bodybuilding

- 3rd Place 2008 WBFF World Championships Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding

- 1st Place 2008 OPA Ontario Championships Heavyweight Bodybuilding (Level 3)

- 2nd Place 2007 OPA South-Central Ontario Championships Heavyweight Bodybuilding (Level 2)

- 3rd Place 2006 OPA Brantford Championships Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding (Level 1)