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Personal Fitness Training
One-on-one training sessions can make the difference in achieving your personal fitness goals, and it is my mission to make certain that you do!

With over ten years of experience as a certified personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor, I’m uniquely qualified to guide you to optimum health, your desired body composition and looking and feeling your best. Together we’ll create the very best program, just for you!
Gary's Training Services
I will provide you with high quality services personalized for your unique needs. I am available for your support 24 hours a day. You will always receive professional and courteous support while seeing results beyond your expectations.
Bootcamp Classes
Join me for bootcamp classes - my fun, fifty-five minute, fast-paced strength and endurance exercise class that’s guaranteed to make you sweat!

Every bootcamp workout hits every part of your body - chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs and abs - using dumbbells, body weight resistance, and aerobic steps. It’s a special combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise that not only helps you get lean, but also builds endurance and preserves muscle mass.

Best of all, bootcamp classes are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.
Nutritional Counseling
Proper nutrition is crucial to reaching your individual fitness goals, and I’m here to help guide you through the maze of information that’s available about it.

Whether you’re a personal fitness training client, a bootcamp class participant, a gym member or just a reader of my articles, you may always trust in and have access to my nutritional knowledge base and experience. 

Even if you don't have time to make it to the gym, you can see great changes in your body composition simply by changing your meal plan.
Online Coaching
If we don't have the opportunity to train together regularly I still have programs which will get you to your goals. I will outline your workouts, give you meal plans and supplement guidance, and track your progress to ensure you are getting great results. Even from a distance I will be there every step of the way, and guarantee that together we can be successful. 
Book Your Free No-Obligation Fitness Consultation Today

If you are looking for that extra push in your workouts or wanting to get started in your fitness journey altogether, start by contacting me today for a free no-obligation fitness consultation and we’ll set you up for success in whatever goals you’ve set out to achieve.

During this 1 hour session, we will discuss your previous workout history, and give you the inside knowledge as to why what you've done in the past hasn't worked, and what we can do differently to get you your results now. We will establish your fitness goals, assess your physical strengths and weaknesses, so we can build a program designed specifically for your body and show you how we can motivate you to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re interested in weight loss, toning, building muscle, strengthening, or simply feeling more comfortable in your body, this consultation is your first step to getting into the best shape of your life — no matter your age or current fitness level.