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Here are some of my personal workout videos. I am happy to provide you with as much information as possible to assist you in your body transformation. Get started today on your own with these workout videos and feel free to contact me for any additional information or to receive a personalized plan.
Gary's Fitness Videos
1100lb leg press with a medicine ball between the thighs is a great exercise to improve the strength of your vastus medialis obliques and a guaranteed way to develop your legs!
6-6-12 reps of 145lb military press, 185lb decline bench and 205lb squat for 6 rounds with 4 second negatives on each rep, such an intense workout!
20-20-20 reps of military press, front squats and box jumps for 5 rounds, very tough workout!
My bodybuilding routine from the 2008 OPA Ontario Championships
Heavy deadlifting is a great way to build muscle, burn bodyfat and boost your metabolism for total body conditioning!
24 reps of 135lb barbell walking lunges followed by 20 reps of step ups without resting will build your legs and boost your metabolism to burn excess body fat very quickly, an incredible workout!
Great circuit to burn bodyfat and lean out for summer! Sled push will get your heart rate elevated up into your fat burning zone, then back extensions to work the core, lower back and glutes, followed by TRX pikes on a bosu ball to get your abs nice and ripped!